I can’t upload working samples or diploma scans. What can I do?
You should check the Tutorial page to find the necessary information. All sample essays must have correct extensions (rtf, docx, or doc), and diplomas must be sent as image files. If you have any problems with this uploading procedure, this means that our system may not recognize the formats of your documents. If formats are correct, but you still can’t upload your files, send them to our online academic writing service at [email protected]
What are maximum scores for tests?
You can get up to 15 points, but if you get less than 10 points, we will deny your application.
What are requirements for working samples?
They must be written on the given topic (you can find it in your personal profile after passing tests). All samples must be plagiarism-free and be within 275-350 words. When using outside sources, you must cite them correctly. We don’t have any specific format requirements, but we recommend using 12 pt. font, Times New Roman. Your samples should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents.
What is my application status?
To check it, log into your personal account and find its information box. If you see the orange box, we ask you to re-upload all samples.
Do I need to pay registration fees? Are there any other fees related to working for WriterWeb?
To get our online writers jobs, you don’t have to pay any membership or registration fees.
How long does it take or a personal account to be reviewed?
Our freelance academic writing service will contact you within 2 weeks after the submission of your work samples.
I didn’t receive any response after 2 weeks. Why?
Ensure that all writing samples are successfully uploaded to the system because your online application can’t be processed until you take this step. If it’s already taken, you should be patient because we will contact you as soon as possible.
I can’t log into a personal account. Is my login information correct?
Check a spam folder because your email system may flag our notification as spam automatically. If not, contact our support team members.
My application is denied. When can I re-apply?
You can apply for our academic writer jobs only after 1 year.
My application is denied. Can I get the right working sample to know the errors I’ve made?
We always provide feedbacks on work samples, but our decision is final, so it can’t be changed. Contact our support team to get more information.

After being activated

How can I start working?
When your personal account is activated, go to a control panel where you can find a list of online academic writing jobs with different topics and compensation levels. Each of them states the required number of pages and deadlines. Choose the one that matches your area of specialization and apply for it. Read paper details and additional materials before taking this step. If you know how to meet the necessary requirements and can do this job on time, explain why we should assign this project. Once you are assigned to at least one of the applied cases, you will get an email notification. You will then need to log into your account and confirm you’ve started working on the assigned order. And thus you are welcome to start completing the assignment. Check our tutorial for more information.
Can I apply for a few writing projects at once?
Yes, we don’t have any limits, but ensure that you can complete all of them on time. Our academic research writers are assigned only to a reasonable number of projects.
Some projects I applied still remain available. Why?
There are some probable reasons:
  • - Customers want a particular writer to complete their assignments;
  • - Customers haven’t shared important instructions or materials yet;
  • - Your area of specialization, qualifications, and expertise don’t match the chosen project.
Can clients request revisions for free?
Yes, because our freelance writing center offers free revisions if revisions guidelines don’t contradict the initial ones. Clients can request them any time before their approval or within 2 weeks after it.
Customers requested the revisions that require additional research, but it wasn’t mentioned initially.
If clients modify their initial instructions, let our support team know. Feel free to write customers a message to let them know that the requested research is not a part of their initial requirements.
Is it possible to suggest the money value of writing projects to be changed?
Yes, it’s fixed and always defined by a few aspects, including the number of pages, academic level, and deadlines. If you see that available orders require a lot of research and time, and the offered compensation isn’t enough to cover that, feel free to suggest your price, and we will consider it. Besides, if you see that available paid online writing projects are very easy, make a lower bid to increase your chance to get them.
How can I become a Pro online freelance writer?
You must meet the following requirements:
  • - Get at least 12 points for grammar tests;
  • - Write more than 100 good-quality pages per month;
  • - Complete more than 20 orders with no errors;
  • - Receive no complaints from clients about grammar or formatting;
  • - Submit plagiarism-free papers on time;
  • - Get no negative feedbacks;
  • - Get more than 3 orders with positive customer feedbacks;
  • - Work for more than 2 months;
  • - Be available on the phone and in chats;
  • - Complete more than 20 orders from our Help Needed category each month.
If you can’t meet the above-mentioned criteria, you are still eligible to get a Pro Light status. However, our academic writing company should be satisfied with your work stats and writing talents. If you continue to do good-quality work after getting this status, it can be a basis for your future promotion. To apply for this status, log into your personal account and press the relevant button. If your request is declined, you can re-apply after 2 months.
What benefits can Pro writers get?
  • - Pro light freelance academic writers get a 15% bonus on all successfully complete projects;
  • - Pro writers get a 25% bonus for every completed order.
What about formatting styles?
They are standard, including Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and APA, and all academic papers must be formatted according to them.
What is the meaning of ratings?
All online freelance writers have ratings that serve as their success indicators. All newcomers start with the ratings of 3, and the highest one is 5.
What factors can influence ratings?
  • - How you follow the order details given by clients;
  • - The number of good orders (plagiarism-free, with no grammar and punctuation mistakes);
  • - The number of urgent projects completed;
  • - Customer evaluations of your work;
  • - The average number of grammar mistakes;
  • - Submission time (missed deadlines);
  • - Plagiarism rates;
  • - Withdrawing from projects with no valid reasons.
Are there any fines on WriterWeb?
Yes, there are certain things that writers can be fined for according to terms and conditions, including late submissions, plagiarism, not answering calls, formatting mistakes, poor quality, not following instructions, and withdrawing from orders with no valid reasons.
Is it legal? Is it ethical? Will I have any problems for writing papers?
Paper writing jobs are 100% ethical and legal because it’s not about writing and selling assignments for students. They are often needed by those people who prefer to save time and conduct research for their scientific projects. The papers that you write for clients are used only as examples, and this means that our company retains the copyrighting and other rights.
Can I be sure that WriterWeb is not a scam?
To clear your doubts, contact our 24/7 support team agents through live chats, contact form, and phone calls. Check our terms and conditions and testimonials to find the feedbacks of those research freelance writers who have positive experiences with us.


What is our referral program?
It allows you to earn more money. If you refer your relatives or friends to us, you’ll get 3% of their earnings.
When will I get paid?
All the payments are made the 16th–the 20th of each month, and the minimum amount that can be paid is $100.
My payment was released on the 16th, but I didn’t receive anything.
It takes a few days for payments to be transferred to your account, and everything depends on the chosen payment option.
The payment period is started, but I wasn’t paid. Will I get anything this month?
If your balance is over $100, you’ll get paid for your academic writer job because a payment can be made the last day of this period.
My balance is over $100, but I didn’t get paid. What can I do?
Ensure that you gave us the chosen payment option, and this step should be taken 4 days before the 1st payment period.
How will I get my money?
We offer a few payment options, so you can select the most suitable one. Visit the Payments page to get more information.
Can I use a wire transfer or a direct deposit?
Yes, you can do that through Global Bank Transfer services that covers more than 200 countries and 50 currencies. Visit the Payments page to find out more.
I completed orders, but I didn’t receive any money.
Customers need to approve submitted academic writing and research projects. If they don’t contact us within 2 weeks, orders will be approved automatically.
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