Most convenient ways of receiving payments

WriterWeb makes payments to writers the 16th-20th of each month. The money is transferred only if their balance is over $100. If the online freelance writer chooses to stop working for our company, the remaining balance will be released.

Our writers can choose from the payment options given below:

Global Bank Transfer is powered by Payoneer and it enables writers to get payments directly on bank accounts in their local currency. This payment option is available in more than 50 currencies, 200 countries, and its fees start at as low as $2.99 per transfer. There are no maintenance fees and bank details require only one easy setup. To sign up, you need to long into your writing account, choose this payment option, and follow the given guidelines.

Payoneer has no commissions, and you get paid to Prepaid Debit MasterCard. You don’t need any bank account, and your money will be available in two hours after releasing payments. To sign up and check the list of fees, log onto your writing account, choose this payment option, and follow the necessary instructions.

PayPal comes with standard PayPal fees, and amounts higher than $1000 will be sent only in multiple installments.

WebMoney requires 5% commissions, and if academic research writers choose this payment option, they need to provide their unique numbers that they get assigned during the registration process. It takes only a few minutes for payments to be processed.

If the account balance is less than $100, it gets carried over to the next month statement. The necessary payment option data must be provided 4 days before the due payment period. Those freelance research writers who are late with sharing their payment information will be paid the next period.

If your payment data should be checked, you’ll need to pass a specific verification procedure and give up official papers for security reasons. After terminating their accounts, writers can’t change their payment data provided earlier.

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W537933 Management, Engineering, Economics $4610
W260767 Accounting $3658
W111259 Engineering $3542
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