Why we recommend Payoneer?

For people who want to get their secure and timely payments for their academic writer jobs with no extra fees, WriterWeb advises you to decide on the Payoneer payment option. People from more than 200 countries receive their payments through this convenient and safe method on a daily basis. Besides, they all enjoy the following advantages:

  • No bank accounts needed;
  • Payments are available in 2 hours after being released;
  • Money can be withdrawn in many currencies (more than 50);
  • Cards can be used online, in shops, at ATMs that accept them;
  • Personal Payoneer accounts are available for transactions and checking balances around the clock.

The process of signing up

Our academic writing company offers 2 payment options backed up by Payoneer:

  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.
  • Global Bank Transfer.

To choose any of them, it’s necessary to log into a personal account on WriterWeb and open the Payment Statistics section. Then you need to pick the most convenient payment method in a list by pressing a relevant button. After that, you’ll be redirected to the official Payoneer site where you’ll need to continue your application process. Be sure to follow it accurately to connect the card to your personal writing account successfully.

How long should you wait for a card?

After submitting your Payoneer card application and getting approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the scheduled arrival date. Such cards are delivered through standard international mail for free. For freelance academic writers who want to speed up this process and use DHL or FedEx services, contact our support team.

If you’re still not sure what payment method to choose, check out special commission rates that other payment options have and make a more informed decision.

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