What does plagiarism mean?

It’s a wrongful use of the work of other people holding it out as your academic research writing projects, and plagiarism is a serious violation of current copyright laws. Its definition includes taking or copying the ideas and words of borrowed works, paraphrasing or summarizing them, but plagiarism is not limited to that.

How to avoid plagiarism?

When using any outside sources to support or build a strong argument, you need to reference them properly.

Basically, there are 2 key points that should be memorized and followed to make your freelance academic writing projects look authentic and professional:

  1. In-text or internal citations. They give credits to authors by citing their ideas in your paper. This means that each part of the borrowed work must be flagged with references to its registered origins. The format of in-text citations is designed by such style guides as APA, MLA, and Chicago.
  2. Works cited pages. References pages are the final points of any paper, and they comprise an alphabetically arrange list of all the references used to complete your writing work. Its pattern depends on the required formatting style, APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Plagiarism checker is a simple solution

Creative technologies offers excellent assistant to all online freelance writers. Nowadays, it’s very easy to check academic papers for their originality because they only need to be submitted to special online plagiarism checker software that will determine all potentially plagiarized parts and give you links to the sources that contain the duplicate content. Go to our Useful Links section to get a list of plagiarism detection programs.

Why not Turnitin?

It’s one of the most widespread online plagiarism checkers, but the main problem for online academic writing companies is that Turnitin stores all the academic papers in its database with the basic purpose of their subsequent plagiarism detection. That’s why any writing project can be submitted to this software only once. As an example, if you want to process your works via this service before uploading them to customers, these papers will appear plagiarized in further checks, and it may result in serious consequences.

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